Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lazy Day & Happy Birthday

Yesterday was a long day and we didn't get to bed until after 2am by the time we watched the New Years Eve parties and end of the year wrapup.  We cleaned up the MH a little and went to bed tired and worn out.

It got very cold during the night and I started up the diesel furnace around 6am to take the chill off.  It was into the high 20s outside and 50 in the motorhome  I like it cool, but that was a little too cold for Gerry.  Once it warmed up a little we both fell back asleep and woke up late in the morning.  I won't say how late, but it was very late.

We sat around watching football on TV and finally went into overload on the games.  At least they were more competitive than in the past and there were a couple really good games.  It was a day to just lazy around and take it easy and that is what we did.

Today is Ron K's birthday and we wish him a happy birthday celebration and hope he has a great year ahead of him.  I know how old Ron is, but can't tell anyone his correct age.  I seem to remember that he was in the Navy and they used coal for fuel, so that should give you an idea of when he was born.  Remember the USS Maine!.  Don't tell him I said this.

Nice way to start the new year.  

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  1. Happy New Year! AND... Happy Birthday to whoever was celebrating ;-) You folks are real party animals! We haven't been up that late in years!