Monday, January 14, 2013

And Then There Were 4 Left.

Our daughter Barbara and her family made picks who would be in the Superbowl and I published it in a prior blog.  Yesterday provided some surprises and a number of people were eliminated from any chance of winning.

Ryan         Seahawks & Patriots
Barb          Skins, Denver
Gerry        Skins, Texans
Henry       GBay, Denver
Larry Sr    49ers, Texans
Sean          Seahawks, Ravens
Jared         49ers, Patriots
Steph        Panthers, Patriots  <===== It's a blond thing.
Dee           Skins, Denver
Taylor       Denver, Packers

The Texans let me down, so I am down to one team that can possibly make the Superbowl.  Jared has the 49er and the Pats so he would beat me out in any case.  That is, assuming the Pats beat the Ravens.  Oh, there are so many possibilities to see who makes it, but it is down to the 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons and Ravens vs the Pats with the winners going on to the Superbowl.  There should be some great games next weekend and I will be watching for the good ones.

We sure have strange weather out here in Tucson.  It was bitter cold last night and today it was in the 60s and we had to turn the fans on in the motor home since it got so warm.  Now it looks like one more really cold night and then a warming trend will start.  Maybe this will be our only cold period ahead of us in January, but I doubt it.

It is 22 degrees at 11pm and the temp is still dropping.  I decided to unhook the water hose even though it is insulated.  If it gets down around 18, then it may freeze even with the insulation.  They had some statistics on the weather channel stating that there were 3 days below freezing in 2012 and already this year we've had 7 days below freezing.  Thank God for it being warmer in the world or we'd really freeze to death.  

The diesel heater is running and pouring out enough heat to run us out of here, so I will have to turn it down.  Neither of us can sleep when it is so warm in the bedroom and like it around 55 degrees and under the covers.  Hopefully, this will be the next to last blog about cold weather.    I did get a comment from our friends Linda & Sherwin in Maine rubbing it in about Maine being warmer than Tucson.  Ouch!

See ya all later.

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