Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Pie & Disturbed People

This was another errand day and we headed out to finish the chores early.  Since the weather forecast is for very cold weather starting Saturday, we needed to insulate the water hose coming into the motor home.  We had done this in the past and haven't suffered any frozen hoses for the past few years.  We may have to turn the water off this time due to the low forecast of 18 degrees one night.  

After picking up the insulating material we drove over to the Village Inn for a late lunch.  Plus, it is free pie day and I was looking forward to my cherry pie.  Gerry got French Silk pie and we saved both pies for this evening.

When we sat at our table the lady in the adjoining table made a remark about my Hollywood Casino t-shirt.  I joked back that I was a VIP there and she thought I was a real VIP.  That should have been my first clue that this conversation was going south in a hurry.  She kept rambling on and butting into our conversation to the point of being rude.  I told her I was hard of hearing and couldn't understand her and she talked louder.  We ignored her as much as we could but she rambled on.  We both came to the conclusion she had a mental or drug problem.  Just our luck to be seated next to her.

She started ranting because the waitress had gotten a used car for her high school graduation.  For some reason this really set her off and she would not get off the subject.  Then she wanted a beer,  but the waitress said they didn't sell beer at the Village Inn.  That started another rant.  By this time we were finished with our lunch and decided that it would be a good time to leave the restaurant.  

I asked the manager if she was a regular and he said that she was not a regular and was annoying.  That was an understatement.  We did survive the encounter, but I think the woman was high on meth or something.  She was wound up higher than a kite.

We just finished our slice of pie and I thoroughly enjoyed the cherry pie as usual.  Gerry confirmed that she had made a great choice, also.  Now we are too full to move, so I will cut this blog entry short.

We did enjoy a beautiful sunny and warm day and it looks like it will be the last for a week or so.  Rain is in the forecast and cold weather will follow the rain.     

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  1. We tried Paradise today and agree with you. I enjoyed my french onion soup and spinach salad and Ron said he enjoyed his soup and tuna salad. But I miss Village Inn because of the piece of pie I get to bring home.