Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mexican Lasagna & The Terps Win

My grandson Sean graduated from North Carolina State University and we've had some banter back and forth about the MD - NCSU sports rivalry over the years.  The years he attended NCSU I think MD beat them in football and basketball about every time they played.  I tried my best to be a good grandpa and not rub it in, but I may have slipped a few times.  Sean can dish out as well as he can take it so we've had fun with it over the years.  The Maryland Terps beat State on a last second shot tonight and it was a shock since State had beaten Duke this past week.  What can I say?  Fear the Terps!

Gerry wanted to try a new recipe tonight and we had invited Sharon & Al over for dinner to try it out with us.  The Mexican Lasagna recipe was on the back of a package of cheese and it looked good.  We had most of the ingredients on hand and made a quick trip to Frys to pick up the other stuff.  The meal turned out great and I think it is a keeper.  We managed to finish off the bulk of the meal and now have just a little bit leftover for lunch tomorrow.

There will be a fish dinner at the Rec Center Thursday night with Cod & Hoki on the menu.  I'd tried Hoki once a few years ago and did not like the fish at all.  It was squishy and tasteless and that was my only time trying it.  I'm not sure it warrants a 2nd chance so we may not go to the dinner.  It's a shame since we enjoy seeing our friends there and visiting with them.  

Now that the weather has improved we saw a number of park residents out and about today on their walks.  It will be nicer in the days ahead so it is time to get back on the bicycles and get back in shape a little before the knee replacement.  Better late than never.  


  1. We also watched the game and it felt like I was there watching it live the way your daughter screams at the TV! I wonder where she gets that from?


  2. Just read my lovely husbands comments...yeah, I do come by the emotions on the sleeve honestly! It was a pretty good albeit frustrating game. I kept thinking State would get in the game and throw off the sludge...not to be! Unfortunately, I have to admit that MD did deserve the win. What a coup for the fans! Now I know how Duke felt. Hope this was just a shake it off game for State. People should Fear the Turtle!

  3. Sean says "Congrats on the highlight of the year for the Terps, go ACC!" Not only did you pass your passion of yelling at the TV to your daughter but your grandson as well.


    Taylor and Sean