Saturday, January 19, 2013

Upgrading TV

Our TV in the bedroom has worked on and off and then finally off.  We rarely watch TV in the bedroom so I wasn't in a hurry to get it repaired or replaced but upcoming events made it more important to have a TV back there.  Now, if we were in a house it would be a simple task to buy a TV and plug it in and we would be good to go.  Not so in a motorhome.

We had a 26 inch Panasonic tv back there and the only thing that would fit into the space is another 26 inch tv.  No problem, just buy another 26 inch tv and put it in the space.  Have you tried to buy a tv that size lately?  They are few and far in between, but we found a Vizio that will work and fits in there.

Today was the day to install the tv and it took Ron K and me about 3 hours to finish the job.  The problem was the plate on the back of the tv that held it in place.  We had to cut a piece off the plate and then cut a bar to make an opening large enough to hook up the wires in the back.  It looks pretty good and I have it all tuned up and we did use it for an hour or so.  There is a lot of difference between a 42 inch tv and a 26 inch tv.  Bigger is better.

We did luck out and had a beautiful day here with temps in the high 70s, so working outside was a pleasure.  Ron K had a nice grinding tool and that helped speed up the job, otherwise I would still be working on the task.

Now that I am worn out, it is time to hit the hay.  

I hope you all had a better weekend than our friends Jerry & Suzy.  Suzy was feeling bad and off to the hospital they went.  You can read their excitement in their blog.  Our Life on Wheels   They have had an interesting time this last year, but still are positive.  Hang in there, you two.

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