Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bad Day at Black Rock & a Great Meal

Now that the Washington Redskins football team has been eliminated from the NFL playoffs I really don't have a team to root for, but I always wind up picking sides in any game.  I struck out on both teams that I wanted to win today with the Baltimore Ravens beating the Denver Broncos in a shocker and the San Francisco 49ers defeating the Green Bay Packers in the other game.  Maybe I will have to root for the team that I want to lose and cause them bad luck. 

The Ravens-Broncos game was exciting at least with lead changes a number of times and finally going into double overtime with the Ravens winning on a field goal.

We were getting some chores done around the motor home and got a call from Ron & Dee C inviting us to dinner this evening.  Dee prepared a typical Thanksgiving dinner for us.  Typical for them, but not so for us.  It turned out great and I had to restrain myself from eating too much.  She prepared parsnip and that was the first time I've tried it and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was very tasty.  You do learn new things all the time.  Thanks guys, we had a great time.  I hope we didn't overstay our welcome.

By the time we left their place and headed home it was 27 degrees on the car thermometer.  Now, that is cold for out here and it's predicted to get down to 18 degrees tonight.  That is cold no matter where you are.  I insulated the water hose and covered the faucet with a blanket and a 5 gallon bucket.  I hope that is enough to keep it from freezing overnight.  I prepared the coffee for the morning in case we don't have water in the morning.

Come on out to Tucson and enjoy the nice weather, but you have to hurry since it will be warming up in a couple days.      

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  1. I am happy to say that i was warmer here in the good ole state of Maine today than in Tucson. i still miss being there even in the cold.
    Have fun stay warm and enjoy.