Sunday, January 20, 2013

Then there were 2 left. 49ers vs Raven

Well, it looks like it is down to Jared, Sean and me with the Superbowl winner pick.  Everyone else is eliminated and Jared and I both have the 49ers left in the huntwhile Sean has the Ravens.  So, it will either be a tie or Sean will be the winner.  Those grandsons of mine really follow the NFL teams and it's only by sheer luck that I still have a team left.

Ryan         Seahawks & Patriots
Barb          Skins, Denver
Gerry        Skins, Texans
Henry       GBay, Denver
Larry Sr    49ers, Texans
Sean          Seahawks, Ravens
Jared         49ers, Patriots
Steph        Panthers, Patriots  <===== It's a blond thing.
Dee           Skins, Denver
Taylor       Denver, Packers

I have to confess that I watched the 49er - Falcons game and thought it was a good game.  Since I don't care for either the Ravens or Patriots, we turned that game off.  I was hoping both of them would lose.  LOL

We stopped by the Hotrod Cafe after church and found out they have a bar and an upper deck and you can sit outside there, too.  You can see the campground from the upper deck and we took a couple pictures, but Gerry's camera didn't have the range to bring the photo in close enough.  She did manage to take one photo that shows the motorhome three units down from us.  It's in the lower right hand corner of the photo right above my signature.  The campground is about 1.4 miles from the Cafe, so it was a long shot.

It was a pleasant day here with temps in the low 80s and lots of sunshine.  We recently had record setting low temps and now they are calling for possible record setting high temps.  Weird weather, to say the least.

The other day we pulled out the small coin change we've been collecting and found that we had $40 in quarters.  We used to save quarters for the laundromat and also for Gerry to play the quarter slots.  She added small winnings to the pot and since the slots nowdays don't use real money, we decided to get rid of it.  Ron & Dee K use the laundromat here at the park and since they have to buy the quarters from the park office, I offered them to Ron.  He dug down deep into his coffee can and found the $40 and both of us were happy with the transaction.  Thanks, Ron.

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  1. I tried to stay up for the game but just couldn't do it. Barb went in the hot tub and then we were off to bed around 9pm. Restless night but now we are both up and ready to tackle another week.

    Not sure who I will pull for to win the Super Bowl but I am thinking the Ravens. I think it is very cool that the head coaches are brothers and can't wake to hear the stories about them...even if they do seem a little touched!