Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Passed 1st Test

One of the reasons we came back to Tucson this winter was to have a knee replacement for me.  We called in October for an appointment to see the surgeon and December 27 was the first date I could get in to see him.  I brought all my x-rays and medical records from my Maryland doctor and presented them to the local doctor for him to check out.

Surprise, he said I need both knees replaced.  I knew that coming in and thought he'd do the right knee first since it bothered me the most.  Nope.  He said the left knee was worse and to do it first.  Since he does 250 knee replacements a year, I gave in to his knowledge and scheduled the operation for February 4, 2013.  It's the day after the superbowl and I didn't want to miss that.  Actually, it was the first date I could get for the surgery.

I went in today for a pre-op physical and it seems that I passed and will go on to the next step.  This was a scheduled 2  hour appointment that wound up lasting 3 hours.  The paperwork alone took over an hour and then that was followed by blood work, EKG and then a physical.  I am officially good to go on February 4 assuming I don't catch the flu between now and then.

Next Tuesday I have to go in and listen to the different techs explain what will happen before, during and after the operation.  They want to make sure you know what is in store for you and not have any surprises.  I have a real good idea what is ahead of me and will have to deal with all the work and pain.  Either that or not be able to walk around much longer.  No brainer for a choice.

I won't bore you all with the operation and recovery so I will be off the air starting Feb 4th until I feel like blogging again.  Maybe I can talk Gerry into doing the blog every day if any of you want to encourage her. 

Today was another very cold day in Tucson with temps down in the low 20s in the morning.  Tonight is supposed to be a repeat of last night and I put the drop cord with a 100watt bulb in the water compartment.  That should help keep the temps above freezing in that area.  We shall see!   


  1. So will they do the other knee this year at a later date? As you know my mother had hers done a couple years ago and she feels much better now and is glad she did it.

    I agree Gerry should put something out there even if it is just pictures of you sitting around moaning...what will I read at 5am if someone doesn't update?


  2. Actually, I don't find reading about the operation and recovery boring... I just consider it a tutorial for when my time comes... and with my knees, it may not be that far off.

  3. I'm depending on Gerry to post pictures and direct quotes with some narrative thrown in for good measure.

  4. Bionic Grandpa!!! It's about that cold here in NC, I'm wishing for warmer weather too. Florida Keys sounds like a great plan for yalls next trip!!!! Hunny and I will def join ya out here!