Friday, January 11, 2013

Off to the RV Doctor

It's 6 AM and we are up and ready to go.  Time for a cup of coffee and then bring in the slides & jacks and disconnect the shore power, water and sewer connection.  We are taking the motor home in for some scheduled maintenance work and have to be there at 8 AM to be first in line for the work.   

Hopefully they can finish up the work and we will be back at the park in time to put foam insulation on the water hose.  They are calling for a hard freeze warning for the Tucson are for the next 5 days with temps either down to 18 as forecasted by Weatherunderground or 25 degrees by the  I'm hoping the forecast is the closest to the actual lows.  We get these low temps in mid January and then it startes a gradual warm up by the 1st of February.  Who said it doesn't get cold out here in the desert?

This will be a 2 part blog today and hopefully we will have some good news after leaving the dealer.  

We finally got out of La Mesa around 4:30 PM after paying the bill for a lot of work.  The main problem was the slide motor on the bedroom slide not working properly.  Rather than fool around with it, I had them replace the motor.  It was covered under our extended warranty and that help quite a lot.  The other issues were minor, but each took a little time.  At least all of the problems were repaired and we are ready for the cold weather with the Aqua Hot heater working properly.  Just in the nick of time.

I stopped by TTT (Tucson Truck Terminal) to fill up the fuel tank since the furnace runs on diesel and I didn't want to run out at a critical time.  We should be good to go for the rest of the time we are here unless the cold weather hangs around a long time.

The news channels on TV are treating this cold snap like it is Hurricane Katrina descending on Tucson.  They always take the trip up to Mt. Lemmon and hang around in the snow for their broadcast.  The mountains all have some snow on the peaks and I imagine the ski slopes will be up and running.  We woke up to snow/sleet on the car and roof of the motorhome.  It all flew off as I drove down the highway.  

I will blog on Saturday if I don't freeze to death tonight.    


  1. We are getting the 70's this weekend which in theory sounds great but that only means we feel like we have to get the yard/garden area back in shape!!


  2. We are warming up also. but getting ready for another cold spell the end of next week. Stay warm!!

  3. I just sent you an email...I knew it was going to be a bonus blog day but when the title didn't change I didn't think you had updated. Also my blog showed yours hadn't updated in 23 hours?? Anyway good to hear things are fixed. They are even talking about your weather on TV here in NC. As a matter of fact I think I saw you on TV?? Off to the yard! I still say a 2 bedroom condo on the 7th floor is the way to go! No slide out troubles or yard work with a condo.