Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lazyday Dog & Pony Show

Every Tuesday morning the park has coffee and donuts at the rec center.  You have to get there before 9am in order to get your choice of donuts and there is always plenty of coffee.

The different RV vendors in the area come to these gatherings and provide the donuts some prizes and a little sales pitch.  Today was Lazydays turn to provide the entertainment and three salesmen brought a 5th wheel and a motor home for everyone to check out.  Two of the salesmen have recently started working for Lazydays after working in different fields.  That is one of the problems with the RV industry in that they think a salesman can sell anything.  With RVs you must know your product and if you don't it becomes evident very quickly.  I haven't formed an opinion of these particular sales people since I didn't talk to them, but many in the past showed how little they knew about their product.

Gerry went to her sewing class and I hung around the motor home and performed some needed tasks.  I had to put some anti-freeze in the Aqua-Hot heating system since the fluid level was down a little.  The filling station was in a very difficult position and I called my good friend Ron K to help me with the task.  He is much more agile and limber than I am due to my back problem.  He made short work of the job and we chatted some before he headed back to his trailer.  It 's nice to have friends like him who jump right in there and finish the job.

When Gerry returned, she mentioned the goal for the Linus project quilts for last year had been surpassed.  The local representative for the project had set a goal of 5,000 quilts and afghans for the children in hospitals in the area and was very excited to say 5,214 had been made.  No goals have been set for this year, but it would be nice if that number could be topped.  Some of the ladies worked on quilts during the summer and presented the completed projects when they arrived at the park

Tonight the park had a spaghetti dinner with salad, garlic bread, and dessert.  They also provided three different types of wine with the meal.  We brought our own wine and didn't get the benefit of their wine.   There was more than enough food and nobody had an excuse for going away hungry.   I sure didn't.

We met another couple who stopped in for a few days and now wish they didn't have reservations in Mesa, AZ.  They said the people at this park were friendlier and more outgoing than the park they stay for the winter.  We've met people before like them who check out a park and love it, but are stuck with reservations elsewhere. It's always good to consider your options first.

We are in for a couple warm days and then it will chill off to around 23-25 at night.  If it gets down that low, then it would be the coldest weather we have run into out here since we started staying here in 2006.  Hopefully the weather people are wrong on this and are preparing for the worst scenario.  If not, then the Aqua-Hot furnace mentioned above will get a good workout during those nights.  
As long as it doesn't look like this any of those cold mornings, we should be in great shape.

Cactus Country Snow 2007

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  1. Good Morning!
    I think that is a wonderful thing that your chapter of the Linus project surpassed their goal! I also think it's amazing that they have someone of Mom's caliber of talent and good will on their side to help out! Way to go Mom, keep up the labor of love!
    We're getting some of your weather this weekend! It should be in the 70's or near for about 3 or 4 days here, then getting COLD again. I certainly don't mind the warm weather, we can get our backyard back in shape in warmth and fill the hottub back up in the sunshine. It certainly was cold getting in it 2 weeks ago to clean it out after draining --barefoot and in shorts! Here's to the warm weather. May you get snow in the higher elevations so you can take a peek and click a few pictures!