Friday, January 4, 2013

Writers block or nothing to say.

I haven't blogged the past few days since there really hasn't been anything going on around here.  The highlight of the week other than New Year's Eve was Gerry going to her sewing group.  There are days, weeks like this when you full time in a RV, but sometimes the down time is welcome.  

When we arrived in November we didn't have any neighbors on either side of us or behind us.  Slowly the spaces have filled up and we are hemmed in by snowbirds.  The last one arrived today and parked their 5th wheel behind us.  They are from Texas and I wonder if they are full timers since so many of them use Texas as their home state.  I think the last 5 snowbirds who have taken these spaces all have dogs.  So far it hasn't been a problem and I hope it stays that way.  

We had some errands to run today and managed to finish up most of them before we ran out of gas.  Not the car gas, but our energy.  I think these last couple nights of staying up so late have finally caught up to us.  

Our friends Carolyn & Mann are loading their motor home and getting ready to hit the road on Monday.  They leave each year about this time for Florida & Texas.  I tried to talk them into making the trek out here, but they weren't interested in the 2500 mile drive in the winter.  They did that a few years ago and said once was enough.  Have fun you guys.

Old neighbors who lived next door to our daughter and family in Chesterfield, VA recently bought a nice Winnebago Journey and are ready to sell their house and hit the road.  They have been planning and preparing for this for a few years and felt this was the time for them.  Their children live in different states and now they can visit with them and also see this great country of ours.  Welcome to the vagabond lifestyle Debbie & Dale.

COX cable and the local CBS affiliate (KOLD)  have been in a negotiating battle about costs and KOLD pulled the plug on the broadcast Sunday.  No CBS programs are being shown on COX and we switch over to over the air reception to get the programs.   The reception is excellent and not any different than what we had on COX.  Both of them had better be careful or people will see they don't need to pay anyone for the service. 

Right after we arrived at CCRV, COX discontinued service to the mobile home customers in the park, along with internet and phone service.  The story is that COX and the owners of the park got into a pi$$%ng contest and COX pulled the service.  It is hard to believe they cancelled service to 35 to 45 customers out of spite or whatever.

Since I bought Gerry a digital camera a few years ago our photo library has grown by leaps and bounds.  We take a lot of photos and should pare them down, but never seem to get around to it.  It is difficult for both of us to agree on what pictures to delete.  2012 saw us add 24gig of photos to the library.  I have a 1 terrabyte drive that I back the photos up to and yesterday it was backup time.  It took about 45 minutes to copy them to the drive.  I think we have to get a hand on this before it gets out of control. 

See, nothing has been going on around here.  



  1. Sounds relaxing...did you take down all those Christmas decorations and put them back in the basement?


  2. No re Christmas decorations. The will come down Sunday after little Christmas. Gerry likes to see them up and they don't take up much space. How long did your decorations last?

  3. Happy New Year! Sounds like plenty going on.. and not too much at the same time--perfect! We're so happy for Debbie & Dale-Maybe they'll make the 2,500 mile trek to see you! I'm sure at one point you'll find a time to rendevous! We can hope to do the same at a later, much later date! In the meantime, we'll settle for a great visit in less than 2 mo.! Love, Barbara