Sunday, January 6, 2013

Maryland's Two NFL Playoff Games

This is going to be a football posting, so I am warning you up front.  The Washington Redskins practice in Virginia and play their games in Landover, MD.  I don't think they have any offices or presence in Washington, DC at all. 

The Baltimore Ravens are located in Baltimore like their name says.  We lived about equal distance between the two stadiums, but are avid Redskin fans and would never think about attending the Ravens games.  

Both teams played today in the NFL playoffs and the Skins lost while the Ravens won.  Nobody thought the Skins would get to the playoffs this year, so making it capped a pretty good season for them.  They have a lot of players returning next year and also some key players from the injured list.  I think they have a bright future.

Our daughter Barbara & sil Henry sent out an email to their children today and also us, asking who we thought would be in the Superbowl.  Here are the picks from everyone with the winner highlighted in bold.    

Ryan         Seahawks & Patriots
Barb          Skins, Denver
Gerry        Skins, Texans
Henry       GBay, Denver
Larry Sr    49ers, Texans
Sean          Seahawks, Ravens
Jared         49ers, Patriots
Steph        Panthers, Patriots  <===== It's a blond thing.
Dee           Skins, Denver
Taylor       Denver, Packers

The Skins quarterback had injured his knee a couple games ago and came back and played in this game.  It was obvious from the start that he was hurting and functioning at about 50% of his ability.  He couldn't run or move around without difficulty.  I was surprised that they didn't pull him at the halftime and play the 2nd string QB Cousins.  Cousins had played well in previous games and he is a mobile QB.  I guess the coach knows more than I do since he is getting paid to coach and I am just a fan.

In summation, it turned out to be a double loss for me today with the Ravens winning and the Skins losing.  Oh well, wait until next year.  In the meantime, double click on the line below.

Hail To The Redskins  

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  1. Go John Fox and the Denver Bronco's!!

    Your FSILINC