Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still Here

We haven't been doing much other than doctor and dentist visits.  I am sure you all aren't interested in hearing about them in detail, so I won't bore you with that.

Gerry, Sharon, Al and I went to Guadalajara Cafe Wednesday night to celebrate Sharon's birthday and Al & Sharon's wedding anniversary.  We always enjoy the visit to Guadalajara Cafe, but the salsa made at our table wasn't up to the usual high standards that we are used to.  My mild salsa was tasteless and Gerry's medium wasn't much better.  The rest of the meal was fine and as usual the beer was nice and cold.  

There was a large party of diners at the table next to us and they had a young boy of about 3-4 who decided to start to scream and wouldn't stop.  Nobody paid any attention to him at their table but he sure made it uncomfortable for others who had to hear him.  This seems to be the way things are with the younger parents not taking care of the problem.  I am surprised the restaurant managers don't say something, but I guess they don't want to offend them.

 They had a chuck wagon dinner at the rec center tonight and we went up there for the meal and company.  The meal was ok and the company great.  After dinner a Bluegrass Band called The Dusty River Boys played for a couple hours.  We've heard them before and enjoy their music and comedy skits, so we stayed until the end.  Very entertaining group and well worth listening to.

We stopped by Steve and Judy's for a couple drinks and visited for a while.  We haven't seen them much lately due to them having company and us with our medical appointments.  Steve had some special beer set aside, but I couldn't talk him into sharing a bottle with me.  I will work on him more and maybe get one before he drinks it all.

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