Friday, February 1, 2013

There is a free lunch

We have a few led lights burnt out in the motor home and today was the time to replace them.  In addition, one of the glass covers was broken by me when it fell out of my hand.  So, it was off to the La Mesa RV to pick up the glass cover and some bulbs.

We wound up arriving just around lunch time and decided to take advantage of their free lunch for customers.  They usually just have hamburgers, hotdogs and simple lunch meals.  Today they pulled out all the stops and had carne asada, corn tortillas, rice, salad, beans and their delicious cookies.  We were surprised by how much food they put out and couldn't finish it all.  We brought the cookies home for a snack tonight and they were great.   We had some tomato basil soup for dinner and that was more than enough to satisfy us.

We did buy the led lights and took all their stock.  Then it was over to LazyDays to buy some more and we bought all their stock, also.  There must be a run on led lights here in Tucson.

Costco was the next stop on our agenda and we filled up the gas tank on the car at $3.00/gallon.  It was around $2.85 the last time we were there.  I guess they are starting the summer ripoff for fuel early this year.  We managed to arrive at Costco around their peak rush hour and all the cashiers were open and full of customers when we checked out.  Just our luck.

We installed the led lights and now the motor home is brighter than ever.  I hope these last a while since they are expensive for such a small bulb.  

Yesterday Gerry and I built the platform for outside the motor home to make it easier for me to enter it with the walker that I will have for a while after my knee surgery.  It will give me space to turn around with the walker and should be a big help.  Time will tell.

Not a lot exciting going on around here lately and I would imagine it will get even more boring while I go through PT after the knee replacement.      

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  1. YOu think your gas is hihg, how about 3.65 for reg.
    sherwin and I wish you all the best with your surgery and your recovery. will be looking for you back on here after you are feeling better.
    Linda and Sherwin