Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday Party

Gerry is a member of a sorority back in Maryland and when we went overseas she became a lifetime member with the intent of going to the functions when we returned to the U.S. for good.  Her particular chapter of the sorority lost a number of members and over time they merged with other chapters.  Gerry went with one close to home that had a number of nice members.  Katy S is one of the nicer members and Gerry and she have kept in touch over the years.

Katy called us a couple weeks ago and said she was going to be staying in the Tucson are for a number of weeks and wanted to get together with us.  Great!  Well, Saturday was the chosen date since her relatives threw a party for her 91st birthday.   She has more energy than most people 40 years younger than she.  The party was being given in Green Valley and we plugged the address into the Tom Tom GPS and headed on over that way.  It was about a 25 mile drive to the house and the longest trip I've made since the operation.  It went well.

Katy's younger brother was there and I got a chance to talk to him about his Navy days.  He sure could tell some stories.  We managed to get them together for a nice family photo.  They are just two years apart in age and seemed like best friends.

Allen & Katy
  Did I tell you that Katy is short?  4ft 10in would be pushing it for her.

They prepared a great buffet spread for her and also a beautiful cake.  We missed out on the cake since we had to leave early.  It sure did look good.

It was a great first outing for me and the weather was beautiful.  Great day to be out and about.

Happy Birthday Katy


  1. That must have been a nice surprise for gerry to meet up with a friend of so many years.We may not see friends for years but they are always there.
    Glad the trip was easy on you too.

  2. Yeah Dad! Glad you made it too! I'm sure Katy was thrilled to see the 2 of you. I hope the ladies had a chance to chat ...hard to sometimes during a party! She's almost...almost as old as Henry will be! Getting super excited to see you! Can't wait for a big hug from you next month!!