Monday, February 25, 2013

Physical Therapy Day

Well, the weekend is over and that means PT for me on Monday.  Gerry had a Dr. appointment and took me to PT and our good friend Ron C was kind enough to pick me up after the session.  Thanks Ron.

The PT today was a little more difficult than in the past since he worked on my knee to break up the scar tissue.  That is important so I can regain mobility in the leg.  He said he could feel the scar tissue and by kneeding the leg in that area it would break up and my system would take care of it.  I sure hope so, since it hurt and I don't want to go through that if it doesn't work.

He also had some new exercises that worked the knee even more.  The easiest one was on the stationary bike for 8 minutes but it went downhill from there.  Most of the new exercises seemed to be more difficult, so that is a good thing.  No pain, no gain is true in this case.

I also walked around the facility with a stick and did well with that.  It did make me a little woozy, but after a few minutes I was fine.  I have to drink more water and keep my system from dehydrating.  Easier said than done since I don't usually drink a lot of water.

Gerry returned from her Dr. appointment and said the technician would not tell her anything about how it went.   They are under strict orders to not discuss the results and let the Dr. explain the results.  

Barbara (dau) also had a colonoscopy this morning and got a clean bill of goods.  No, don't read anything into the above statement.  All is well and I know that is a load off her mind.  Way to go Barbara.  

As far as we know Cassie is still fighting the effects of flu.  She can't talk so it is difficult to communicate with her and get an update on her condition.  She used to be on the computer a lot and we could chat, but not lately.  I will have to bug her on that so we can get back in the loop.


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  1. Preventative Medicine! Looks like your family is right on top of it... way to go!