Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dentist visit

The day finally arrived for my early morning trip to the dentist.  He extracted a broken tooth about 2 weeks ago and today he worked on the two teeth next to the missing tooth in  order to use them as anchors for the replacement.  I hadn't thought much about the procedure and it was a good thing I didn't.  I was in the dentist chair from 7:30am to 9:15am and was poked and drilled on almost the whole time.  When he wasn't doing that he was putting putty in my mouth and having me press down on the putty.

When he got up and left the room I thought it was time to go.  No way!  Then his dental assistant started to mold the temporary three teeth and that seemed to take forever.  She did a good job and I finally got out of there.

My luck on closed roads going to medical stuff held out yesterday and the main road was closed once again for paving.  They never tell you in advance when they are going to do the scheduled work and just put up a sign closing down 8 miles of highway.  They need a good PR person to let people know what is going on.  I had to take a gravel and dirt road for 6 miles to get around the blocked road.  I literally flew down the road dodging turkeys, pot holes, downed limbs and an overall bad road.  The alternative would take me 10 miles out of the way and down a twisty road and through a number of small towns who make their living stopping speeders.  

We took the car license plates back to DMV to avoid having them come after us.  It started off smoothly and went downhill from there.  The automated kiosk for driver licenses malfunctioned and they dedicated 2 of the 5 open lines to these people while the rest of us sat there and steamed.  We finally got through the procedure and the same old answer about getting the refund, "you should get the check in two or three weeks".  I've heard that one before.

When we get that close to a shopping mall and Gerry has some coupons it is impossible to not stop.  I actually went into Office Max next to her store and was going to buy some ink cartridges for our Canon printer.  They wanted $67 for the four cartridges and that didn't include the large black tank that they didn't have in stock.  It was $27 for it.  I can buy a new printer with cartridges for less than that.  Out I went and tried Best Buy for the cartridges.  Same story, same price.  Costco has the same cartridges for $44 and that may include the large one.  Now I have to dream up a good excuse to drive the 45 miles to Costco to justify buying them there.

Life is never simple.  

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home and something I ate didn't agree with me.  That is another story that won't be told on the blog.

We watched a 2008 movie, The Informers,  with Kim Bassinger, Billy Bob Thornton, Wynona Ryder, Mickey Rourke and a lot of other past their prime movie stars.  Even though Kim is one of my favorites, this was a very stupid and confusing movie.  They must have filmed it in two days and sent it on it's way.  Kim still looks great at 54 years old which she was when this clunker was filmed.  She was born in 1953.

That was our day here in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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  1. There is always an excuse to drive 45 miles to Costco! That's how far we have to drive when we are home in Arizona. Here in Carson City it's a block and a half! The excuse? A fine free lunch from all the demos! or the $1.50 Polish sausage with sauerkraut and a soda. Or the chance to buy 36 rolls of toilet paper in one package == two ply at that! Never have to look very far to find a reason to go to Costco!