Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Ott House

Our friends Carolyn & Mann made the long trip up from the Richmond, VA area and are staying at a KOA near Gettysburg.  KOA had a 2 nights for 1 paid special and they decided to take them up on it.  The prices KOA charges makes me think they should always have a 2 for 1 special. Gettysburg is a huge tourist area and the campgrounds there charge a premium for a nights camping.  

We went over to see them after they got setup and visited for a while and then went to the Ott House Restaurant in Emmitsburg, MD for dinner.  Cassie and Jack joined us there for dinner and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.  The Ott House is an old family run bar and restaurant that has been in Emmitsburg for as long as I can remember.  If you are ever in the area and want to have a drink or dinner in a nice old fashioned bar, then try out the Ott House. 

The US Fire Academy is in Emmitsburg and the Ott House has a van that shuttles the people who attend training sessions there back and forth.  It is a win win for the restaurant and the students since most of them don't have a car and Ott House has a lot of business from them.  The bar is about 60-70 ft long and behind the bar are thousands of patches from different fire companies in the US. 

Tonight was trivia night and you could win $25 if you answered all the trivia questions and were a finalist.  It took about an hour for the game and we had to leave before it was finished so we didn't win anything.  In addition, it was $5.25/pitcher night for Yuengling Beer and we did win at that three times.  Actually, we had to pay for them but there were 5 glasses in each pitcher so that was like a win for us.

We went back to Carolyn & Mann's motorhome at the KOA and had some dessert and visited for another couple hours.  Time really flew by and we had a lot to catch up.  We left there around 11pm and stopped by Walmart to pick up some needed items and wound up getting home around 12:45am.   Long and tiring day for us, but we had a great time.

It was an entirely different way to celebrate our anniversary but the friends and family made it very enjoyable.  Now to go on a real diet and lose some of this weight from all the dinners out.  

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