Monday, August 29, 2011

Calvary Church, Charlotte NC

Larry Jr, Gerry and I went to pick up Grant at school today and drove by the Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC today.  It is quite an imposing structure and very modern.  We took a number of photos but it is so large that it was impossible to get a good photo.  I am enclosing two of our photos to give you an idea of the scope and size of this church.  I understand this is the church where they had the funeral service/memorial for Dale Earnhardt the NASCAR driver who was killed at the Daytona Race.  Dale Earnhardt

The following is taken from the church webpage.  I am not promoting their beliefs, but I thought the church complex was quite impressive.

Calvary Overview Labeled
The Calvary Church building was completed in 1989, and is actually the fifth facility the Calvary congregation has occupied since 1939.
Situated on 100 acres in south Charlotte, the architectural design was envisioned as a "modern cathedral" to house Calvary's sizeable and growing congregation, plus its many local, regional, and international ministries. At the time it was built, the look of the building was breathtakingly innovative. Big, pink, and shaped like a crown, Calvary Church — by design — made a statement and could not be overlooked!
Today, Calvary's building is a highly visible site attracting visitors from across the nation. Its 310,000 square feet of space is continually packed with ministry activity.
It's important to remember that despite its physical size, the true building blocks of Calvary are the small groups of people and the intimate relationships that are built throughout the church in every ministry. Calvary is really the biggest small church around!

Campus quick facts
The Calvary Sanctuary seats 5106, and the Chapel seats 350.
The Crown Room, a multipurpose meeting and banquet space on the third floor, seats 1000.
The Calvary Pipe Organ, built by M.P. Möller and dedicated in 1990, is history's fourth largest pipe organ built at one time. It remains one of the largest pipe organs in the world, with 11,499 pipes.

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  1. A fabulous church, whether or not you are promoting its beliefs. Thanks for the quick tour -- and you gave me an idea for a picture to put into our new photo blog,