Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We had a number of trees cut down in July and they took the wood from all but two of the trees with them.  One of the remaining trees had been dead for a couple years and the firewood is dry enough for using this year.  We decided to move the wood to the stacking area today and managed to almost kill ourselves.  WOW!  That is hard work or we sure have let our muscles deteriorate very much.

We had Cassie's pickup truck and decided to load it up rather than using the wheel barrel to move the wood.  It was quicker that way but we worked harder.  I managed to stumble over a log and bruise my shin up big time.  There is a huge knot on my beautiful leg and it is sore.  We did get it all stacked in a semi-neat pile and the next step is to borrow our neighbors log splitter on weekend early in September.  The wood will come in handy for the cool mornings and evenings in October.

Due to Doctor appointments it looks like we will be here until mid October and then be able to hit the road.  As they say, RVers plans are set in jello and this is the case for now.  Now if we can come up with alternate travel plans, we will be in good shape.


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