Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stuffed Peppers & Lightning Bolts

Well, today was the big day for stuffed peppers.  Gerry uses a recipe that has come down in her family for generations and they are the best stuffed peppers I have ever eaten.  I don't know the recipe and I don't think she will give it out unless it is to family.   Just kidding.  She did prepare stuffed peppers for a chef a few years ago and he thought they were fantastic.  She gave him the recipe and he said he was going to make them for his wife and family.

Cassie, Jack & Lexa joined us for the peppers and that makes for an interesting batch.  Cassie & Jack can't eat green peppers so yellow ones were stuffed for them.  Gerry and I like the green, red & yellow peppers so we had green ones today.  Lexa doesn't like any color pepper so she just ate the filling and juices.  Everyone managed to stuff themselves and enjoy the meal.  

After dinner we sat around and talked and we began to hear thunder in the distance and then closer.  About that time the lightning began to strike closer to us, but nothing too bad.  Then about the time they were leaving a terrific bolt of lightning hit very close to the cabin and we heard a big crash like a tree falling down.  It was dark and we couldn't see anything.  Now I have something to do on Monday searching for the tree that was hit by the bolt of lightning.

That was our excitement for the day and I'm glad it wasn't any worse.  I am sure glad I had the trees cut down that I did and possibly avoided one of them come crashing down.

Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week ahead.


  1. Love those lightning storms (but I don't like stuffed peppers). When we have our monsoon season in Arizona, if we are there, we will likely step outside our metal trailer, stand on the metal porch under our metal awning and enjoy the show. Pretty dumb idea, right?

  2. Jerry, not dumb, you have to live outside the lines sometime to make life interesting. We are on the the side of a mountain at the cabin and the lightning storms can be pretty rough here. We had a 90ft hemlock tree about 15 ft from the cabin struck last year and that was too close for comfort.

    My Gerry says you would like her stuffed peppers. They aren't the hot kind that they grow in Hatch, NM, but regular mild peppers.

    Have a great trip.

  3. Does the color of the peppers effect the taste after they're cooked? Cooked green peppers bother my stomach but raw ones don't.

  4. Yellow and Red peppers don't cause us any stomach problems, but green ones bother Cassie & Jack. For some reason they can't digest them properly. I have to watch eating green ones also, but I peel off the outer skin and that helps.

    No, the color of the pepper doesn't affect the taste after they are cooked.

    Try it, you'll like it.