Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogs and Music

I normally have the sound turned off on my computer since I don't like to hear all the little clicks and such.  Since I follow a number of blogs and found that some load slower than others due to photos, slow servers and such, I don't hear when they are playing music.  Tonight as I was checking a blog it broke out into a song by Johnny Cash.  Now I know why some of these blogs are so slow to load.  I guess I will have to leave the sound on so I can avoid the blogs in the future.

I normally use my verizon aircard for internet connection, however since our daughter has a fast cable connection I have been using hers while we are visiting with them.  One of Gerry's email had a download of 4 male singers singing Amazing Grace and I turned the sound on for that.  Fantastic group!  When I checked the blog and forgot to turn off the sound.  I think bloggers should give you an option to turn off the sound when you access the blog.

The grandchildren came over with their spouses today and we enjoyed a nice cookout with them.  I always enjoy seeing them all together having a good time.  Cassie & Jack had to leave by 4pm since they had a 7 hour drive ahead of them.  The others left over the course of the day and then we went to look at a house Larry & Jane are interested in buying.  It sure is a lot of house for the money and looks like it would be a good buy.

We returned to the house and just took it easy the rest of the day and sat outside on the patio chatting with Henry & Barbara.  Nice relaxing evening for all of us after the hustle and bustle the last couple days.  They have to go to work on Monday morning and we have some errands to run with Larry Jr during the day.

We were glad to see that the hurricane didn't cause more destruction than was in the forecast.  Not that the destruction wasn't terrible, but it could have been much worse if it had remained a category 3 hurricane than the category 1 it turned out to be.  We feel for those caught in the worst of damage and hope things get back to normal quickly.  We hope that Linda and Sherwin up in Maine didn't get hit too hard by the storm. 

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  1. We certainly agree about music in a blog! It is totally unnecessary and distracting. Also unnecessary are the little cutie flashing and dancing figures etc. that some seem to favor. Time is precious, even when you are retired (maybe even more so when you are retired), and why do we have to waste it waiting for blogs to load all the frills?