Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doctors and Flat Tires

Gerry had a medical appointment today and we left in plenty of time to make the appointment.  Well, we thought we left in time, however we didn't plan on having US Rt 30 closed down due to an accident.  We took a side road and missed most of the delay so that was good.

The car seemed to be handling a little funny so I pulled into a Burger King to check out the problem.  Yep, we had an almost flat tire.  Unbelievable!  I could still drive on the drive without damaging it so it was back on the road to see the doctor.  Gerry was a few minutes late at this time but since it was a clinic it wasn't a problem.

I started to change the tire in the parking lot and that is when the fun began.  First I had to find where they hid the jack which wasn't too difficult.  Then find the long rods to lower the tire from under the car.  With the rods found I then tried to figure out where the connection was to lower the tire.  A couple phone calls to son in law Jack to help find the spot ( it was his car ) and I finally was able to lower the spare tire.

The jack provided for this task was barely able to get the tire off the ground fully extended, but it worked.  I did check the spare to see if it had enough air in it and the spare tire pressure was down quite a bit.  No problem, I installed it and drove to a local Ford dealer about a block away to fully inflate the tire.

Now all the above isn't that interesting but Gerry asked me the last time I had changed a flat tire.  About 3 weeks ago we also had a flat on the Saturn and I changed that one also, but prior to that it was about 30 years ago the previous time.  I wonder if there is any correlation between doctor visits and flat tires?  Doctor visits could be a hazard to my health.

It has cooled down a lot here at the cabin the past couple days.  Highs in the low 70s with high humidity, but a welcome relief from the previous highs in the high 90s.  The rain of the past couple days has helped cool it down and was much needed.


  1. I thought you had a motor club? You sure do a lot of unnecessary work if you do and that's not like you. LOL

  2. Yes, we have Good Sam ERS and have used it a couple times. This looked like an easy job and I didn't want to wait for the ERS to come out and change the tire. It was one of those things that continued to grow more difficult as I got into it.