Monday, August 1, 2011

South Mountain Restoration Center

We have owned the cabin here in South Mountain since 1979 and never have driven through the Restoration Center located nearby.  It is a huge facility with more than 15 large buildings including one that is about 6 stories tall and about a block long.  The Restoration Center has been many things in it's over 100 year history.  It started out as a TB sanatorium and then was an old age home, mental health care and a drug rehab center over the course of those many years.

Rather than explain it's history I am including a link to an article about the Center.  

As a side note, when we lived in Costa Rica the Embassy nurse was a friend of ours and in the course of a conversation it came up that we had a cabin in South Mountain.  Her eyes lit up and she said one of her first jobs was working as a nurse at the Center.  Small world isn't it?

I was wondering if they could restore me to my past glory, however they said I was way past restoration.  Gerry had to talk a long time to get them to let me leave.  I don't think I will ever go back there.

You surely can tell when a blogger is running out of interesting things to write about when the subject is a sanatorium.

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