Friday, August 5, 2011


Gerry and I must have been watching the squirrels too much lately since today we were emulating them.  We cleared out some of the old firewood that had gotten too old to burn so we could make room for new firewood.  One of the trees recently cut had been dead for a couple years and dried out enough that it can be used for firewood this winter.  Now all I have to do is split the wood with a maul or borrow a neighbor's log splitter.  I think a visit to the neighbor is in order.

We still have a lot of branches, leaves and stuff in the yard so today we started burning a lot of it.  It looks like this will be a long term project since there is so much of it.  We burned for 4 hrs today and hardly made a dent in the stuff.  I think it would be a good idea to take the larger branches down to the state park and let the campers there have it all.  The park ranger may not like that too much and most likely would run us out of there.

I'm not sure why we are collecting firewood like squirrels collect nuts and acorns since we don't intend to be here when it turns cold.  Actually, it does turn cool in late September around here and it is possible we will still be in the area then.  

Yesterday we went to Chambersburg to pick up the wheel for my bike after having the rim repaired.  A spoke was broken and the rim bent a little so it was time to take it to the repair shop.  He has done work for us before and does a good job.  He has the only bike repair shop in the area and keeps quite busy.  

After the rim was picked up we went geocaching for a few caches in Chambersburg.  One was located at the oldest Masonic Lodge in Pennsylvania and has been there since 1824.  When the Confederate Army came through Chambersburg on their way to Gettysburg, they burned many places, however they did not burn the Masonic Lodge.  Needless to say it is an old building.

Chambersburg has a neat old downtown area that still has many shops open.  The intersection in the middle of town where US 11 and US 30 cross is very well done.  They take pride in their town and it shows.

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