Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wild Animals

As many of you know our cabin borders Michaux State Forest (85,000 acres) in Pennsylvania.  Most people who visit for the first time ask the same question -- "how did you ever find this place?".   Yes, it is out in the boondocks but when we bought the place in 1979 it was a great escape from the congestion and traffic of the Washington, DC area where we were living at the time.  

Lately we have been seeing more wild animals up here than in the past years.  There seem to be more deer eating in the meadow across from us and our next door neighbor said he saw a mother bear and three cubs early in the morning between our cabins.  The cabins are a couple hundred yards apart so that gives us some cause to be careful early in the day.  

We also have the usual assortment of possums, racoons and a nice size flock of wild turkey.  You have to be really quiet and sit very still or they will scatter in a heartbeat.   There are a few wild humans up in this area also, but they seem to keep to themselves and don't bother anyone.  

Another neighbor has a flock of chickens which you could classify as wild also since they free range in the woods near the entrance to our cabin.  I am glad they are up there and not running all over our property and leaving the droppings behind.  One good thing about these chickens is that if times get real rough, we will have some good meals to sustain us for a while.

As you can tell it has been a slow week up here, but next week will be very busy with friends Carolyn & Mann visiting for a couple days, our wedding anniversary, dentist appointments and who knows what will come up to fill in the days.  Maybe some time for geocaching will appear and we can add to our finds.

The weather has taken a nice turn for the better with much cooler temperatures and a little rain which was needed.  Now, if the humidity would drop some more, it will be great up here.  

We are looking forward to hitting the road sometime in September and seeing what there is to see out there in this great country.

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  1. I swear we've been no where near your cabin. LOL. Actually it sounds like a beautiful place and I swear we'll get there one of these days to see for ourselves.