Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend

Slow days around here lately.  Gerry, Cassie, Jack & Lexa went to the ladies night out group that Cassie belongs to on Saturday.  They had a casino theme and needed Jack & Lexa to deal cards for the casino night.  I was recruited for the job also but had to decline to other commitments.

I took our computers over to Cassie's house and updated windows, firefox and some other programs that needed updates.  They have a high speed internet connection and the downloads run much faster there and it doesn't chew into our 5gig limit on the Verizon aircard.  I had planned on taking the aircard to check if it was faster down there, however I took everything except the aircard with me.  It was sitting on t he couch at the cabin where I left it.  

Sunday we went back down the hill to Cassie's and had a real nice anniversary dinner with them.  Cassie fixed roast beef, potatoes, carrots, buns and a garden salad.  I had to restrain myself from eating too much.  The meal was topped off with a Key Lime pie desert which was delicious.  Key Lime pie is one of our favorite deserts and we always enjoy it since it reminds us of the Florida Keys.

Today was the big tooth extraction day and I arrived early at 7:20am and was out of there in 15 minutes.  I think I was in the chair for a total of 5 minutes so far it has been easy.  Of course as I write this one hour later the anesthetic hasn't worn off.  I won't go into any detail, however that was easier than getting my teeth cleaned.  Hope it continues this way.

It was interesting driving down the mountain this morning and seeing all the traffic heading that way.  South Mountain is a small town and other than the Restoration Center there isn't any work up here and the people have to travel up to 70 miles one way to get any work.  There was a steady stream of cars heading down the whole way.  Many people leave here around 5am to get to work on time.  Tough life driving all those miles and hours every day, but housing is so much cheaper up here that it is worth it to them.

Not much else going on around here so I won't bore you anymore with trivial details.  

One of the blogs I follow   Rick & Paulette Rv Journal created a PDF file of useful tips for bloggers and other PC users.  He writes an interesting blog about his RV travels and living at home in Canada.  His writing style is great for novices and easy to follow even though he was an IT professional for many years.

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