Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you ready to rumble?

Gerry and I thought we had left all the problems with temblors behind us when we left Costa Rica in 1992.  We used to have 10 earthquakes a year down there including a 7.6 in 1991 that really rocked the place.  That one was really interesting and my niece Jeanie had come down for a visit and we warned her what to do in case of an earthquake.  Just her luck the big one struck while she and Gerry were shopping in an old hotel.  What an introduction to Costa Rica she got that time.

Here is an article about the damage in Limon, Costa Rica from that earthquake.  Costa Rica Earthquake 7.6 magnitude

Today the Washington, DC area was struck with a 5.8 earthquake and it really got everybody's attention.  I was sitting in our car and didn't even feel it, while Gerry was in the cabin and immediately knew what was up.  It shook the floors, towels and doors but didn't cause any structural damage.  The TV coverage was very extensive and I think a lot of people began to panic. 

We have ATT and Verizon cell phones, along with a Verizon aircard.  The ATT phone worked during the aftermath of the earthquake and the Verizon phone was off the air for 45 minutes or so.  The aircard worked the whole time and we had internet service the whole time.  Strange that the phone wouldn't work and the aircard did, even though they are with the same company.  I imagine it is because they must use different cell towers.  The cell phone service was overwhelmed for a while so it gives me some pause to think what would happen to cell phone service during a very large disaster.

Now hurricane Irene is expected to be in the area by Sunday.  It shouldn't be much of an event here at the cabin but the coastal areas could be in for some rough stuff if the path continues as expected. 

We have to get out of here before the early snow storm hits in Maryland.  What crazy weather we have had lately.  100 plus temps, heavy rains, earthquakes, hurricanes.   I am afraid to ask what next.


  1. Thanks for posting that you're both OK. I thought of Carolyn and Mann. Are they still up by you and did they get any damage to their home?
    I think you'd better not make that weekend trip you've planned and stay home and watch the Cubs game. Keep an eye out for us at the game. LOL

  2. I think you are right about the weekend trip. If they get all that rain in Charlotte, then we would be restricted to staying inside near the beer cooler. Then again, that might not be such a bad idea.

    Mann & Carolyn are in the Hershey, PA are for this week and some of next week. I called him, but he didn't answer his verizon phone. They were having troubles with verizon after the quake.