Friday, August 19, 2011

Doctor visit and lunch surprise

We went to my doctor appointment near where we used to live for my yearly checkup and all went well.  In fact, he said I should quit taking one medicine for a 6 weeks and have a test to see if there were any changes.  If no changes, then I could quit taking the medicine.  Great, I am all for that.  

We ran some errands while we were down there and Cassie asked us to pick up a pizza at the Stained Glass Pub in Glenmont, MD.   We decided to have a late lunch and order a pizza for us also and did so.  While we were waiting for the pizza to be delivered to our table we saw our old friend Bill M sitting at the bar.  I went up and said hello and we chatted a few minutes and then back to our table.

The pizza was delivered to the table and we commenced to devour it and  Bill came over and sat with us and we caught up on what had been going on with us the last few years.  Gerry looked up at a woman who came into the restaurant and it was another old friend Claire D who was stopping in for a late lunch.  She stopped by and chatted and then had to make some phone calls and sat at a table in the same section.  Claire stopped by later on and chatted with us also and it was like old home week.  Larry Jr. went to school with her daughter Renee and were good childhood friends.

We picked up the takeout pizza and started our pizza run up to Cassie & Jack's house.  Interstate 70 was a mess around Frederick, MD and we jumped over to US 40 to avoid the backup.  It looked like that was a good move since we could see I-70 was barely moving 20 miles down the road.  There was an added advantage to taking US 40 since we managed to stop at a roadside soft ice cream stand and get two small blueberry ice cream cones.  Delicious as usual.

By this time it was time for the Redskins-Colts preseason football game and we watched the first three quarters until they began the usual substituting of players they wanted to see in game conditions and I lost interest.  It is preseason  and you can't put much stock in it but the Redskins look like they have improved over last year.  More younger players who look quicker and more athletic.  Hopefully this will carry over into the regular season and it will be a good year for them.  The Skins eventually won 16-3.

It has cooled off up here at the cabin and getting down into the 50s at night which makes for great sleeping weather. 

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  1. Blueberry ice cream cones? We're moving to your part of the country! Someone recently asked if there was ice cream in heaven. If there is, it would be blueberry!