Friday, September 2, 2011

Roofing Contractor

It's been about 20+ years since we had a new roof on the cabin so we called a roofing contractor to get an estimate for a new roof.  We are getting two estimates since we both like the looks of metal roofs, however they tend to be more expensive to buy.  He left us some materials to look at and decide which color of metal roof or which shingle of the traditional roof we are interested in.  It will take a couple days for the estimate to come in and then we will decide if we want to have the work done before we leave in October.

It looks like September is going to be another busy month for us with visitors, work on the cabin, medical appointments and such on tap.  In addition there is Cassie & Jack's wedding anniversary, three birthdays and other events in store for us.  Time will fly by and it will be time to head out west again.

We called and made a reservation at the same park in Tucson we've stayed in for the past 5 years.  We were getting tired of the routine out there and wanted to find a change.  The new park managers have taken a new approach to entertainment, activities and such for the upcoming season so we thought we'd try it once again.  We won't be there until early December and will leave March 31, 2010 and explore some more out west at that time.  That is a nice thing about a motor home, you can pick up and take your bed with you.

Our daughter Barbara and her family are scheduled to leave on a cruise out of Charleston, SC on Sunday.  Hurricane Katia is heading in their direction and may interfere with their plans.  The cruise line says if they can leave port before the storm, then they are good to go.  I am happy that we didn't agree to join them on this cruise since I don't get along very well with stormy seas.  I have a bad enough time on a boat in calm waters, let alone rough seas.   I hope it works out for them and they have a great time.  

Not much else is going on around here and it is very quiet  Very quiet.

Take care out there.

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