Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hager House

The Hager House is a two-story stone house in Hagerstown, Maryland, United States that dates to circa 1740. The house was built by Jonathan Hager, a German immigrant from Wesphalia, who founded Hagerstown. The basement contains two spring-fed pools of water, providing a secure water source. It had 22inch thick walls to provide protection from attack and the elements.  Hager established  a trading post and was very successful and obtained more land.  Hager sold the property, then known as Hager's Fancy to Jacob Rohrer in 1745. The house remained in the Rohrer family until 1944, when it was acquired by the Washington County Historical Society. The restored house was given to the City of Hagerstown in 1954 and opened to the public in 1962 as a historic house museum.

On our way out of Hagerstown we were stopped at a traffic light and saw these two dogs checking us out.  The little one was yapping up a storm and provided some comic relief.   I thought the bars framed them very well. 

Earlier we visited the Hagerstown Museum of Fine Arts in the city park.  They exhibited some local artists and many old paintings from the 1500-1900s.  They had a very impressive list of paintings and we enjoyed the tour.  The building was dedicated in 1930 and has grown over the years.

The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts was founded by Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Singer, Jr. and incorporated in 1929. The Museum has a long and impressive tradition of cultural leadership in the Cumberland Valley region, providing residents and visitors with access to an outstanding Permanent Collection and an active schedule of exhibitions, musical concerts, lectures, films, art classes and special events for children and adults throughout the year. A collection of early photographs and history can be found at This collection was a joint venture of the Museum and the Western Maryland Regional Library (Whilbr). 

Hanne has a birthday coming up soon so we wanted to take her to a restaurant she would enjoy.  She enjoys Chinese food so we took her to a nice one in Frederick, MD.  They have a very nice menu and provide you more food than you can possibly eat.  We ordered three separate meals and shared some of each order.  Even at that, we had two large doggie bags to take home with us.

The temperature has dropped like a rock this evening.  It may even get down into the high 30s tonight at the cabin.  Out came the electric heaters and all the windows closed.  What a change from just a week or so ago.  I hate cold weather and this humidity.  

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  1. Fall approacheth, and with it, or soon after, winter!

    Good for the Singers. Don't see a whole lot of wealthy people (notable exceptions today, Bill Gates, Paul Newman) making a long-range contribution to the public good.