Friday, September 16, 2011

400 miles and didn't go anywhere

Another typical day in the life of us retirees.  We (Gerry,Hanne&I) got up early this morning and hit the road.  First stop was Smithsburg, MD to pick up Cassie and take her to a doctor's appointment in Baltimore, MD (100 miles).  Hanne and I drove around the Inner Harbor looking for parking spaces (25 miles) and waited for over 2 hours to pick up Cassie & Gerry.  All we managed to accomplish in this time was to miss a turn and wound up on I-95 South toward Washington, DC; quick exit and then back to Baltimore.  We did manage to find a Starbucks after getting directions from a man from Malawi, Africa.  Interesting accent.  His final comment was:  "have a good one".  Guess he has been here awhile.  Hanne lived in Malawi for a number of years and thought she recognized his accent

We left Baltimore and began the drive back to Smithsburg stopping in Frederick, MD at an Olive Garden restaurant for lunch.  We all had a nice meal and I managed to take a Benadryl for my nasal problems.  Bad move.  By the time we got to Smithsburg (another 85 miles) I could hardly keep my eyes open.  Since we were taking Hanne back to Front Royal, VA,  I was strongly urged to take a short nap.  One hour later we were on the road to Front Royal (80miles) to drop her off.  We visited with her and her daughter-in-law for about 45 minutes and then began the trek back to the cabin (100 miles).  

We stopped and watched the Smithsburg High football game for a while and left late in the 3rd period with them winning 14-6 and looking really good.  After we left they must have fallen apart since they lost 20-25.   What happened?

All in all it was 400 miles, two gas station stops and we wound up back where we started.  Just a typical day in the life of a retiree.

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