Thursday, September 29, 2011

Basal Cell & Geocaching around Gettysburg

A little while back I went to the dermatologist and he took a sample of a sore on my nose that wouldn't heal.  It turned out to be basal cell carcinoma and needed to be removed.  Thursday was the big day for the surgery and it went well.  The surgeon said he got it all, but I would need some minor reconstructive surgery since it was so deep.  He will perform that procedure next Thursday and then a couple follow up visits and I will be good to go.  We are looking at a tentative departure date o/a October 24 for Concord, NC and visiting with our children Barbara & Larry Jr & their families.

I want to welcome a new follower, Linda McPhail to my list.  She and Sherwin are friends from the Cactus Country RV Resort in Tucson and have rented a home near there for the winter.  We hope we can get together with them and hit some more interesting places out there. 

Cabin fever once again set in and we went geocaching for a while today.  I am the one who gets the cabin fever and the desire to begin the search and poor Gerry has to follow along with me.  She is a real trooper and I owe her big time for putting up with me.

We managed to find 9 caches this afternoon after a late start and they all were in the vicinity of the cabin.  One of the more interesting cache containers was one called Shark Bite and the picture explains it all.  We haven't seen a container like that in all our finds so it was neat to find it close to home.

There are a number of caches placed around the South Mountain area to showcase local historical or interesting places.  We found a number of them including ones from the Fairfield Inn, Adams County Winery, Cashtown Inn, Little Horse Farm & the Round Barn.  The winery has been in operation since 1976 and produces some very good wines which have won awards at wine shows all over the US.  Gerry is working on a cache as she sits in front of the winery which is housed in a 19th century barn.

Just a few miles from there is the Little Horses farm where they raise miniature horses.  They were closed for the day when we got there, but the cache was outside of the farm and we managed to pick it up.  There was a miniature horse in the field along with a normal size horse and we were able to get a picture of them.  The miniature horses were raised for royalty in Europe and later as draft animals in mines.  Now they are mainly used as pets and there are a number of farms raising them throughout the US.

We called it quits and picked up a bucket of KFC for dinner.  Have you all noticed how expensive KFC chicken has gotten lately?  It seems with all those buffalo wings being sold we would be overrun with the rest of the chicken and it should be cheaper.  What's up?


  1. Sherwin has the same thing on his arms and had them on his ears, had them removed and seems to be doing fine now, they pop up wherever they want to but yes they do have to be removed. Not sure of our departure date as I have a torn meniscus and in loads of pain. See the orthopedic Dr. Oct.13th, always something. see you in Tucson, we hope.

  2. Glad you got it taken care of. We all have to be in tip top health when we get to AZ for all the wild and crazy times we have.
    We're done with the doctors and just have to get everything together for the trip.