Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rain, rain go away!

Now I know how Noah must have felt those many years ago with the 40 days and nights of rain.  I wish I could report that the weather has cleared up for the South Mountain Apple Festival, but that would be a lie.  We've had light rain all day up here on the mountain and cold weather to go with it.  The high today was around 45 and cooler for tonight.   Now it is perfectly clear why we go south or west for the winter.

The electric heaters have kept the cabin at a nice temp all day.  They don't do as well when it is below freezing up here.  Maybe by then it will be dryer outside and we can burn some of the firewood.  Or, we can always move out to the motor home and be nice and warm there with the propane furnace and small electric heaters.  I am glad we got the 50 amp service installed this year.  It may come in handy before we hit the road for warmer weather.

You know it is too wet when we don't go out geocaching on a Saturday.  It's always fun to do on Saturday since there are so many festivals, fairs, etc going on around here during the fall.  We run across many unusual events that aren't well publicized.  The wet weather has cut into those events and that is a shame.  For many small towns it is an important fund raiser for them or increased tax revenue.

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