Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Colors

After the successful surgery (we think) this morning we stopped by Costco for some much needed supplies and then came back to the cabin.  The doctor suggested that Gerry drive so I took advantage of being a passenger and snapped some photos on the way home.  The trees are beginning to take on some color and it is looking beautiful around here.

The farmers are taking advantage of the weather to bring in their corn crop, making hay and the soybeans will be ready very soon.  This is a big dairy producing area and the corn is ground into fodder for feeding the cows, along with the hay.  Due to all the rain the fields are very green and the checkerboard patterns must be beautiful from the air.

I prepared a small collage of some of the photos.  It is hard to capture the true beauty of the area on film, but this is the best I can do from the ground.  The picture in the upper left hand corner of the collage is the lane leading to our cabin.  It is narrower than it looks and this is the only straight part of the road.  Lots of fun driving the motor home up this lane and avoiding the trees and shrubs.

I have been grounded for a few days to give the grafted skin a chance to heal so there won't be much going on around here.  I would show you all a picture of the end result, but am saving it for Halloween.  Scary stuff out here.


  1. Hey, Pal -- we took your advice about Buckskin Mountain SP on our way home from summer. It's a beautiful place for sure, but hotter, a lot hotter than we like it. With it sitting in a crook of the river, the humidity was a factor as well. Yes, I know we spent the previous two summers in southeast Arizona and should be used to heat. But, as they say, "It's a DRY heat." Sure like the looks of your neighborhood in Fall!

  2. Glad your surgery went well. I think you and Gerry will get to tucson before us.