Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football & Drunks

Gerry and I went to our daughter's house to watch the Skins-Cardinals football game today.  We can't get any tv reception up here at all and it was a nice day to get off the mountain.  The Skins won, but is was an ugly football game with lots of mistakes and dumb plays.  I guess a win is a win.

After the game we went geocaching for a little while and picked up some in the area around her house.  I knew they were there but never got a chance to look for them.  We picked up a "Travel bug" and will move it down the line.  One of the geocaches was a minature rubber chicken with the geocache as it's beak.

We thought that was a crazy geocache but things even got crazier later in the evening.  We needed a few things from Walmart and took a late night run to Gettysburg to pick up these items.   It was an uneventful trip there and a pleasant drive.  On the way back to the cabin we were driving down the main road of the town near us when a car came up behind us very fast and began to tailgate us dangerously close.  I pulled over to let them get past me and they just sat there so I pulled into a driveway at a nearby house.  The car then pulled into the driveway next to that house and waited until we pulled out and followed us once again when we left.  Down to the local bar/hotel and the car pulled into the parking lot and I turned to pull up next to the car.

Imagine my surprise when a very drunk/high on drugs/ crazy woman was driving the car.  I asked her why she was following me and she said why did I have Maryland license plates in PA?   Huh!  I didn't know we had crossed a border where the MD tags weren't valid.  The conversation then went downhill with loud, vulgar cursing from the woman.  She was completely irrational and gave me 2 1/2 hours to leave the state.  

I drove behind her car and got her license plate number and she then drove off in a hurry.  We called 911 to have the police come out and get this nut case off the road and we got nowhere.  The dispatcher took down all the information and when we gave her the license number she said she knew who the woman was and would give her a call.  She said she was harmless and wouldn't cause any problem for us.  She also said if she followed us again to go to the nearest public place.  The bar/hotel is the only public place in town open that late.

I guess that is how they handle problem people up here and the case was closed.  We proceeded on home without any further incident.  I guess we won't be taking any late drives up here on a weekend when the bars are closing up.

Just another day in paradise.

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