Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain & Football

Are you ready for some football?  The Packers face the Saints this evening and we are going down to our daughters house to watch the game.  She is a Packer and Steeler fan and sometimes roots for the Redskins.  It will be nice to see a game that they really play all out to win rather than run in as many players as they can to see how well they do.  Of course preseason games are all about conditioning and finding that hidden gem of a player out there.

I know you all must be getting tired of rainy day stories, however if I didn't write about them there wouldn't be anything to write about.  Today was another day of heavy rain interspersed with drizzle and showers.  Tropical storm Lee sure did linger and take it's time getting up the coast and dumped lots of rain on the East Coast.  Our son-in-law called us from a cruise to the Bahamas to make sure we were all safe since his parents in Binghamton, NY were experiencing flooding in the area and his sister was evacuated from her home.  Hershey, PA right up the road from us had the worst flooding they have ever experienced.  We don't have those kinds of problems but it sure is wet and I hope we don't get any high winds soon or there will be a lot of trees uprooted due to the ground being soaked.

I went out a little this afternoon to see if I could get some pictures of the swollen streams and such but it rained so hard I couldn't roll the window down to take a picture.  The cabin looked eerie today and I got a couple shots of it and the meadow across the street.  I don't know if the pictures will do justice to how it really looked.   Don't try to adjust the color of the pictures since that is fog and mist clouding up the view.  It was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife as the saying goes.

This meadow to the right is where we see all the deer and wild turkeys during the early morning or late evening.  The turkeys don't always show up, but it is rare that the deer aren't there.  One of these days we will see the mother bear and her three cubs, but we aren't anxious to get to close to them.

Now I wish I hadn't sold my jon boat a number of years ago.  It could come in handy if this rain doesn't stop soon.

Meanwhile, off to watch the game tonight.  Update:  Green Bay 42 - New Orleans 34  Final  It was a good game until the 2nd half when it slowed down quite a bit.  New Orleans goofed when they tried for a first down instead of kicking a field goal.  The Packers then took the ball down the field and scored a touchdown.  They are both good teams and should meet again in the playoffs.

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  1. You go watch football, we'll keep looking back at your rain pictures. They capture the drizzly day mood perfectly!