Sunday, September 11, 2011

Turkeys & Redskins

Today was the first weekend games of the 2011 NFL football season and the Washington Redskins opened up with their hated rivals, the New York Giants.  The last few years the Giants have handled the Skins with relative ease  winning nine of the last 10 games between the two teams, including the last six in a row.  Today was a little different for a change with the Skins taking the Giants 28-24 in a good game.  The announcers spent a lot of effort talking about the injured Giant players who didn't play in the game and ignored the number of injured Skins who missed the game.  Typical when you play a New York team since they get all the press, however, today we got the game.

On the way down to Cassie's house eagle eye Gerry spotted some wild turkeys in the field near the cabin.  We have seen flocks of 5-8 birds, but this flock was more like 20 mature hens feeding in the open field.  Gerry got out and had to walk across a ditch and through some woods to get pictures of the turkeys and managed to get 12 of them in the photo.  I am surprised she got that many since turkeys are so alert to anyone around them and dash off at the first sign of humans.  This flock must have been confident since they took their time heading for the woods.

Since she did such a good job on this photo shoot, I am thinking of booking her on a Grizzly bear shoot out in Wyoming this fall.  I wonder how close she could get to a grizzly?  Many years ago we were in Yellowstone Nat'l Park and she crept up on a large elk and got entirely too close and when she realized where she was, a hasty retreat was in order. 

It has continued to rain and this is the 8th straight day in a row that we've had rain up here on the mountain.  It was sunny and clear at Cassie's house 18 miles away and about 1,000 ft lower than us.  I don't see how those people in Oregon and Washington State can take all the moisture they get.  I would go stark raving mad if I had that to look forward to every year.

It looks like the expected terrorist threat was just a rumor or someone did a great job preventing anything from happening.  In either case,  I am glad that nothing happened.

Tomorrow morning we will drive down to Front Royal, VA to pick up our friend Hanne and bring her back up to the cabin for 5 days.  I hope she isn't reading this and seeing all the rainy weather or she might change her mind and stay down there.  We are looking forward to seeing her again after 2 years. 

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