Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miles, Deer & Remembrance

Our good friend Hanne is visiting with her stepson and family for two weeks and will be spending almost a week with us at the cabin.  We have warned her that the cabin is "rustic" and she is prepared for it.  We met her and husband Niels while we were living in Abidjan during the early 80s and have been friends since then.  Niels passed away last year and is sorely missed.

We've had cabin fever with all the rain the last week and decided to go out for dinner in Gettysburg, PA this evening.  We went to the Appalachian Brewing Co and had a very enjoyable meal.  On the way down there we had a milestone and stopped to film it.  The Saturn odometer turned over to 94,000 miles and we always try and watch when this happens.  We pulled over to the side of the road and took the picture and the passerbys must have thought we were crazy.

There were 7 deer in the meadow across from the cabin and we managed to get a couple pictures of them on the way out.  The young fawns are still in the playful and curious stage and were real neat prancing all over the place.  Our neighbor sighted the mother bear and three cubs last night next to her car.  She was so excited that she locked her keys in the car getting out of there. 

Another neighbor has been keeping track of the rainfall since last Saturday and yesterday said it was up to 11 inches of rain and still coming down.  It's been spread over a week and the ground up here is saturated, however I think a lot of it has soaked in.  That is great for the water table since so many people up here have wells, including us. 

As everyone knows the tenth anniversary of the cowardly attack on New York and Washington, DC on 9/11/2001 is tomorrow and we will remember that date and the innocent victims of the attack.  It was a defining moment for the US and it's citizens and united them more than can be imagined.  

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