Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was the day to have my new bridge inserted and glued in place.  It went much easier than I expected and I was out of there in a hurry.  I arrived early for the appointment and the door was locked and if it had been for the previous appointment I may have walked away.  Not this time though.

It rained up here last night about 2 inches and really drenched everything.  During the night it rained a little and there was some lightning, but nothing like earlier in the evening.  This morning it was still raining a little when we drove down to the dentist appointment.  Have I said that I am sick of all this rain?  I don't think it was this bad in Costa Rica the whole 6 years we lived there.  It's about 11pm now and it has started raining again.  

We took Lexa down to Frederick, MD for an appointment and Cassie picked her up and brought her home.  We took advantage of being in Frederick and went to Famous Dave's for BBQ dinners.  Gerry really likes their ribs and I like the brisket so we were both happy.  Gerry did say the meal wasn't up to their usual standards and she was a little disappointed.

We managed to pick up 5 more geocaches before and after the dinner.  A couple were very easy and the remaining three were more difficult.  The last cache was in a small park nearby and wasn't even close to where the coordinates were, but there was something out of place nearby and gave the cache away.  As you may have noticed I have put my cache counter at the top of the blog.  

We have to get up early on Thursday and head down for another procedure for me.  Hopefully it will go well and won't be a problem and we can get in some more geocaching.  No Way says Gerry!!  I don't expect any problem and should be good to go after the Dr visit. 

Thursday is Gerry's birthday and I am going to give her the card and gift early so if I'm not up to par for her birthday she can at least enjoy it tonight.  Sneaky!!

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