Thursday, September 22, 2011

Geocaching and Oil Change

We have been on the road so much lately that an oil change for the car was long past due.  I took the car to the local Jiffy Lube and had them change the oil.  For the price they charge it isn't worth me crawling under the car and doing what they can complete in 10 minutes or less.  

I went geocaching afterward and picked up a few caches.  It was so hot and muggy that it sapped the energy right out of you, but the caches weren't  that difficult to find.  I did search for three others and was unable to find them and put them on the backburner for another time when Gerry is with me.  She has better eyes than me and finds ones that I overlook.

One of the caches was hidden at a 226 year old church.  Double click on url below for a writeup of the church by a local newspaper.
Salem-Church-in-Zullinger  The cache was in the cemetery and near a field that had just been fertilized with liquid waste from a dairy farm.  It was odorific to say the least.  There was a fence right on the line where the cache was hidden and I walked down the wrong side of the fence at first and then had to backtrack a couple hundred feet.  Oh well, I mostly geocache to force myself to do some walking and exercise so it worked out for the best.

It was a slow day up here on the mountain and we had rain again last night.  This must be a near record month for rain up here.  Texas is going through a drought and we are sick of all the rain here.  Go figure!

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  1. Hey, pal! Gotta thank you for suggesting Buckskin Mountain SP in Arizona! Haven't been there yet, but we have a reservation for this weekend. FHU site! Wow! And going there saves us 10 miles on the road to home. What more can we ask?