Thursday, March 31, 2011

La Mesa RV

We took the MH in for the 2nd recall on the Norcold Regrigerator to have it fixed.  They added a small heat sensor to area around where the propane gas heated the unit.  There have been cases where the frig would heat up and catch fire.  Fire in a motor home is not a good thing.  It took about an hour for the repair and we were ready to leave after taking advantage of the free lunches they provide the customers.

When we first arrived at the dealer Gerry checked out a few motor homes and asked a salesman a simple question.  She got a flip response and walked away.  Later another salesman asked if he could help since he heard the previous exchange.  After talking to him for a while he said he would look for a MH that fit our specs.  Sure enough, a couple hours later he called with one that was within the specs.  We will look at it on Friday but I am concerned about diesel prices going through the roof and the cost of driving a diesel unit.  We will see.

Later we got tired of sitting around and went out to pick up a few geocaches in the area.  We got three of them pretty quickly and called it a day.  

It was in the low 90s today and the forecast is for warmer weather the next few days.  Time to get out of here before the heat really gets turned up.

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