Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day in Sunny Tucson

We are short timers here in Tucson and are getting some Dr & Dentist appointments out of the way before we hit the road.  Routine stuff, but necessary.

It was such a nice day here that we decided to go geocaching downtown today.  The rattlesnakes have come out early this year so we will avoid the desert and high weeds.  Five people have been bitten already here in the Tucson area.

It was a great day and we found 13 urban caches and some of them were difficult to find.  A number of them were in local parks and the parks out here are heavily used during the day by families with children.  That didn't slow us down.

We found one cache near a school and two cachers from Green Valley showed up looking for it.  Since I had it in my hand it made it easy for them.  One lady was in her 80s and the other was younger, but they had found 9 caches before noon and didn't waste a lot of time chatting about geocaching.  Find it, sign log and plug in the next one.  

Gerry was in her stealth mode when she found one of the caches in a busy park.  I don't know if the people even saw her looking for the cache.  Actually, the two ladies above found this before us and had the family help them find the cache so we didn't feel that bad about looking while they were there.  

We stopped for lunch and had soup and salad and hit the trail again.  We revisited a cache that wasn't there a couple days ago and lo and behold it was there today.  I don't know what happened but maybe someone replaced it.  

That was our day.

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