Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to Tucson

Today was departure day and we were up before the chickens. I am not a morning person. We packed up and had a cup of coffee and hit the road for Tucson. We had a hard time keeping awake and stopped in Las Cruces for breakfast. Several cups of coffee woke us up and we made the drive home in very good time.

At about the same place on I-10 in Arizona we were delayed again by an accident. A SUV had driven off the road and rolled and came upright in a tree The medivac helicopter was just leaving as we came to the wreck. It wasn't that bad time wise for us but we found it ironic that there were two accidents in the same general area on the lanes that we needed to take.

We did make it back to Tucson in time to unload the car and get ready to take the MH in for a safety recall on the Norcold refrigerator on Monday morning. That is, if they have the part in by them. We have to call them in the morning to see if the appointment is still a go.

NOTE.  I updated the last few days all at once.  Too busy during the visit to update the blog.

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  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to Thursday basketball, especially the Duke/U of A game.