Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mariachi Band

Fellow campers Judy & Steve are planning on leaving CCRV on Sunday and heading for Yuma, AZ for a visit.  They were the ones who told us about how nice the Guadalajara Cafe was and how much they enjoyed it.  It was only fitting that we have dinner with them there before they leave.

It is an interesting restaurant and they serve huge meals so take an appetite with you if go there.  Once you have been seated and ordered your huge happy hour drinks, a server comes around and makes salsa to your taste right at the table.  The bowls are huge and it would take a week to eat a bowl full of their salsa.  It worked out well to have it prepared there since I don't like  very hot salsa and the other three do.  We were all happy with the selection.

The restaurant tends to be very loud once it fills up and it looks like it does that every night.  They had heaters outside for those waiting in line to get in.  We were seated as soon as we got there.  Great timing.  Inside they had  few chairs and benches to sit in also and Judy & Steve took advantage of that as we were leaving.

They had a three man mariachi band wandering around playing Mexican music.  They would come up to each table and play, but would not take any tips.  We enjoyed the music and atmosphere and it brought back memories of living in Costa Rica for those many years.  Now we have to get our passports and head down there for a visit.

After dinner we returned to our motorhome and had a few drinks and chatted for a couple hours.  It was a very pleasant evening and we hated to see it end and for them to be leaving on Sunday. 

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