Friday, March 11, 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary

Our day started early with a trip to buy two new tires for the Saturn.  The rims are 17 inch and the tires aren't that common so we have to order them ahead.  We bought them from Jack Furrier Tire and had them installed this morning.  While we waited for the installation we went to Burger King for breakfast.  First and last time for that.  By the time we were finished with breakfast the car was ready.  Quick and efficient service.  

A short block away was a $5.99 carwash with a manual wipe down after the wash.  We used them once before and they did a great job washing, vacuuming, wash interior and wipe all down.  Great deal for the price.

On to Costco to pick up a few things and then to Tuesday Morning for some much needed "things" for Gerry.  I sat outside and guarded the car and read a book  Then on to get gas at $3.17 gallon and back to the park.  By this time I was tired out but our day had just started.

We went to a 50th wedding anniversary party for Rich & Pat Mondragon.  They have been coming to the park for many years and always have a margarita party for about 150 of their closest friends.  Pat is the local quilting lady guru and knows everyone in the park.  We all gathered at their campsite with our lawn chairs and enjoyed a day in the mid 80s with a lot of sunshine.  They had a number of picnic tables setup with finger foods and there was plenty of good food for all.  The party was scheduled to last until 6pm but we left a few minutes early and they were still at it.  We had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the fellow campers there.

To top off the day there was a sun dog in the sky at the end of the party.  I'm not sure how good it will show up but they are really neat.  We have seen a number of them out here in Arizona but never anywhere else in our travels.  They always show up in pairs parallel to the sun.


  1. It was good seeing you both and glad you enjoyed the party. It actually broke up on time but we sat around a talked till about 7:30 doing some cleaning up and putting away for next year. Pat and Rich had a great time.

  2. Good pictures. They turned out great, especially the one of the sun dog.