Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping & Catfish

This was a shopping day for the girls and me, while Herb went golfing. I don't have any clubs with me so I had a choice of hanging around the house or getting out and seeing more of Ruidoso. We managed to find a couple geocaches in between stores and sightseeing. One of them was in the back parking lot of another casino and there was a short hill climb to get to it. With the thin air, high altitude and such I was glad it was a short walk.   The caches were near the Billy The Kid Byways information office and I took advantage of the stop there to utilize their bathroom.  I didn't realize how dangerous it was in this area until I had to fight my way into the bathroom.  Look who was waiting for me in there.

We went to the Cree Meadow Country Club for a catfish dinner in the evening. The catfish was cooked very well and tasted great. Of course I love catfish so my opinion may be a bit misleading. They had a country band come in and play music later in the evening and we sat around and listened to them for an hour or so. By this time we were all worn out and ready to head home.

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