Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poor Ron C., shopping and pizza

Our friend Ron C is going in Tuesday for dental work and lots of it.  I think this would be the right time to invite Ron & Dee over for a nice steak dinner.  We have some tough but great tasting steaks just for a situation like this.  Think he is interested?

Today was another marathon shopping day for Gerry.  I went along to guard the car and park close to the entrance wherever she went.  A couple days ago she found a real bargain on a Hummel figurine and put it on layaway so she could verify it was a real hummel.  It was, so we went back today to pick it up.  I think a nice external hard drive would be more interesting but will defer to her on this purchase.

Last year the Pizza Hut dropped a pizza we ordered and I had to wait almost 40 minutes for another pizza to be prepared.  They did the same to a woman sitting next to me and she was really unhappy and complained very loudly.  They offered her a beer or soda to ease the pain and she still wasn't pleased.  Then they offered her a credit toward another pizza in the future.  I didn't say anything and when she left the manager gave me a $20 credit toward a future purchase.  Well, we spent the credit today and had a great meat lovers pizza, 2 large pepsi, bread sticks and garlic sauce.  They charge $.65 for the garlic sauce out here.  It was great except I think the bread sticks were made the time when they dropped the pizza.  They were very hard to eat.  Hummm.  Maybe I should have saved them for Ron for his Tuesday dinner!  

We took a bike ride around the park after dinner and managed to tire ourselves out.  Whew, I am really out of shape and will have to ride bikes more before we leave here in April  I need a lot of exercise.  We sat around outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and then went in and watched some of our favorite TV programs.

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  1. Hey, we had great fresh pizza at Pizza Hut yesterday and they didn't drop the pizza or anything. They did loose the pork sausage somewhere in the restaurant and the soap dispensers in the women's bathroom were both empty. Hey, Ron got his pizza that he wouldn't be able to eat Tuesday. He's snacking on beef bouillon as I type.