Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings Time and a BBQ

Tonight is when most of the U.S. goes on daylight savings time, however Arizona decided they didn't want to do that.  So, our two hour time difference with the East Coast becomes three hours tonight.  I hope everyone back there keeps that in mind when they call us early in the morning.  If they do and hear a mean old bear answer the phone, they had better hang up fast.  LOL

There was a yard sale throughout the park today and our neighbor across the way was selling potato bags and doilies.  She had a steady stream of customers through out the morning and it looked like she did very well.  I guess the receipts will go toward fueling the truck for the trip back home next months.  I took the photos from the window near my easy chair.

The park sponsored a BBQ today from 12-1pm and we went up there around 12:30 to join in the festivities.  We should have known better to leave so late.  When they say 12, most people arrive about 1/2 hour early to be first in line.  It's like this with all the events here.  By the time we got there all the hamburgers were gone and we had hot dogs.  That wasn't a problem with us since we like hot dogs so all was well.  We sat with Ron & Dee, & Ron K outside at a picnic table since all the tables in the hall were full of people.  Biggest turnout for one of these events since we've been here.  We did have the kitchen door guard on duty again this time. 

Ron K is leaving for Show Low on Sunday morning so we went out to dinner with him at Cattletown Steakhouse.  I had the usual fish dinner while they had steak and shrimp.  My meal was fine, but they were less than pleased with theirs and when the waitress asked how it was they told her.  She cut the bill back and gave them a huge strawberry shortcake to make up for it.  Nice gesture on their part, but I don't think steak and shrimp will be on the menu for them in the future.

And that was our day in sunny and warm Tucson.

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