Friday, March 25, 2011

Geocaching Friday

Well, our day started early with  phone call from our daughter Cassie.  She had a few questions about our plans after the graduation parties in May and before the wedding in June.  We are trying to work it out so they can join us in the motor home a few days before or after the wedding.  She didn't remember that Arizona doesn't go on daylight savings time and we are three hours behind Maryland time wise.

There were some new caches hidden near where we are staying and we decided to pick them up.  A cacher had hidden 13 caches in a row along a no longer used highway and we went out to find them all.  We were successful and logged the caches bringing our total finds to 745 since October, 2009.  We had to keep our eyes open for the caches and creepy crawlers since it has warmed up and the rattlesnakes are active again.

While we were out there a very nice Border Patrol agent stopped to see if we were allright since we were parked alongside of the road.  It is common out here for illegals to hide out and then someone will pick them up in a car, so I imagine he was wondering if that is what we were up to.  I was glad to see him doing his job and checking for illegals.  A couple years ago one of the campers here ( Sherwin ) at CCRV called it in that he saw some illegals near the campground.  Two Border Patrol agents responded to the call and one of them stood on the railroad pass so he could see them.  The agent on the bridge was the one we were talking to.  They caught 12 of them that day and escorted them back to Mexico.

My brother arrived in Tucson around 7pm local time.  We will see them early Saturday morning for breakfast.  He & Sue will be here on Saturday so we will have to plan an exciting adventure for them.  

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